is a designer and engineer currently based in London. In 2018, he graduated from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College with an MA/MSC in innovation design engineering, following an MEng in France.

Using the mediums of writing and interaction technologies, he explores the junction of human-centred concerns and complex systems. His research interests include: futurecasting, speculative and critical design and ethnographic user-research.

Applying his knowledge of design, technology and fabrication, he regularly works with contemporary artists to bring their ideas to fruition. 

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DOC 234—34/2

AUTHORS: Arthur Gouillart, Elaine Tam

KEYWORDS: Exhibition, Contemporary art, Climate crisis, Solastalgia, Creative writing 

Wish Lush is an exhibition featuring João Alves, Louis Appleby, Suzy Babington, Ryan Brown, Sofie Burgaard, Luke Burton, Zoë Carlon, May Hands, Angus McCrum, Peter Larsen, Ranald Macdonald, Conor Murgatroyd, Alfie Rouy and Paula Turmina  

Lately, I’m more attracted to the reassuring glow of the fridge. Foil parcels and the dinky ice box for plain and simple reasons make me think of cryonics, how technology is making the impossible possible, so why can’t we reverse time and make ourselves the technofossils of a new Ice Age and start all over again with the carbon-trapping steppes etcetera. I pluck a can of vitamin-infused tea from between the overripe bananas and enjoy a cold swig. I forget this moment of something beyond grief. 

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